CVJ (tig_type22) wrote in pet_my_peeve,

My Collegiate Pet Peeves

I hate having to force myself to laugh cuz no1's worthy of more than a "WTH" laugh. I hate being influenced by the atmosphere around me. I hate having roomies who are light sleepers & need the TV on mute when they do their homework cuz they can't concentrate. I hate being bothered by silly boys who have no chance of being more than friends w/ my roomies &/or friends because they are cheesy/stupid/ugly/tactless/creepy/losers(your choice). I hate going to frat parties/house parties cuz unless you like 2 get drunk they suck. I hate creepy old men following around young girls in clubs. Eww. I hate feeling like I have to make all the sacrifices for my roomies' comfort. I hate having to be responsible & worried, but being made to feel like I'm a loser because of these upstanding qualities in a situation. Don't worry, there will b a part 2.
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