CVJ (tig_type22) wrote in pet_my_peeve,

Collegiate Pet Peeves Pt 2

Can't stand: people telling me I need to stop playin the Sims so much, being made to feel guilty just because I'm not a soprano, the bias towards outgoing people on job interviews, the fact that it MATTERS what kind of personality you have on a job (as if you are going to keep that phony ass crap after you're in!!!!), my school's Work Study policy, the "helpful resources" at my school who are willing to refer me to other places but not willing to hire me, the fact that I can't get a work study job cuz I don't have prior experience but no one said that I had to have experience to obtain a work study job here. Finally: I can't stand a particular person because said person is now majorly annoying & sometimes this person wants to smash cimbels? symbols? over said person's head when said person is sleeping or remind said person that once upon a time I used to get annoyed when said person would leave the door open when leaving or entering the room. Also, said person is a whiny (fill in the blank w/ the worst words possible).
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